Saturday, August 20, 2016

Does anyone still read a blog?  I am just checking in after 5 years of being MIA.  Life around here is definitely different that the last post.  But I am still loving my 3 miracles and they bless my life.  Tonight, I ponder this, How have I seen God's Hand in my life today?  A question given to me from Elder Eyering in preparation for a lesson on journal keeping.  It triggered me to look up the minimal blogging I have done.  I realize, THEY are God's hand in my life.  They teach me, love me and I am so blessed to be entrusted with the nurture and care of these 3 treasured gifts from God.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Days!

First Day of School!August 9th! Boston Started Preschool! He is so excited to finally have a turn to go to school! He is looking forward to feeding Zurg and Goofy (the class fish)! He went in without any tears and all morning kept telling me how happy and excited he was!
August 3 Kelsi started Kindergarten! She is excited to be at school with Jayden! She is making lots of new friends!
July 26 Jayden started 3rd Grade! She ran to her friend in her class and got in her line and marched right in! She is excited to be in a portable this year!
Big moments!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Swimming Lessons July 2011!

Gasp! A new post from Kathi! Holly I hope you are smiling! Boston is the little fish under water! He is racing his teacher!
Jayden learned how to dive head first!
I do have pics of Kelsi, but I havn't downloaded them yet...but I hopefully have the video for you to watch on this post!

I just wanted to post the pics of my little fish! They have all graduated swim lessons and had a super time this year...Yes all three are swimming! I have never uploaded a video..this is Jayden I hope it worked!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Huntington Beach!

We took our summer vacation a little early this year and had some great fun in good old Cali! This is one of two posts about it, I had so many great pics of the beach that I decided that I wanted to break it up from Disney! So we made it to the beach a couple of days on the trip, and this is what fun we had! We went with Tiff and Jeremy's family and Grandma and Grandpa! Jeremy and Jeremy caught some FREEZING cold waves, but that didn't stop them from going out and Boogie boarding...Jer said that it was only the first 5 min that were bad, after that you were numb...It was only in the high sixties and low seventies when we were there for the beach, which is great if you stay out of the water....
The boys were actually really happy with this containment...They loved the beach...Boston was terrified of the water, which made keeping an eye on him a lot easier! He mostly batted the balls around (suprise) and dug in the sand. I made sand castles and he stomped on them....Within the first 2 minutes of being there, he threw sand on Grandma's sandwich...typical Boston. But he is a beach rat for sure!

The girls loved this while they were in the sand, after was a different story...Way too much sand in places that they didn't want it...hmmm. But they were our little fish, they loved chasing waves. Jayden only got knocked down once or twice...Of course they had a great time building sand castles until the boys found them and smashed them...

These two little sweeites were having a ball being together and eating snacks (the gritty sand posed no taste in cheetos or oreos) They found lots of treasures (broken seashells) and had fun digging in the sand as well. Kelsi didn't mind the water like Boston, but certainly wasn't willing to jump in as far as Jayden...

Grandma and Grandpa were so fun to have with us. We loved having the extra help too! They were troopers keeping up with the schedule!

Lucky us! We were able to spend a day and a half and spend the night with our good friends Chrissy and Mason and Family... Boston and Trey played together, faught together and and made a mess together. We were able to go take in a baseball game (Luke's) have dinner with them and the Missionaires and go to the beach! I wish we lived closer, we love you guys! The girls came and told us the boys (Boston and Trey) were taking off their clothes they were down to their diapers when I found them, and I brought Trey in to put one back on and while I did that, Boston got the Windex and had it in his mouth...ran out to grab that from him and brought that in (BTW, Chrissy and I were making dinner for the missionaries and us), and found them taking the water from the water table and making mud with it...told them not to make mud...Boston brought a 8" rock in and dropped it on the floor, I asked him to take it back out and put it in the dirt. He did, in the dirt that was the garden and right on top of Chrissy's tomatoe plant and broke it (still sorry chrissy)... Mason came home and looked at what used to be clean water in the water table, and asked what had happened, we just said, "the boys"...It was full of muddy water now. Like I said we had a great time with them and the kids made great memories! Till next time Chrissy!

Our family at Huntington Beach! LOVE LOVE LOVE the beach!

Kelsi loved the therapy the sand offers....

Boston loved getting buried...I know it really suprised me too...Boston loving being contained???

Jayden was sooo happy to be here and not in school!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Recent Moments...

Way overdue again, but I guess considering my intervels on Blogging I guess this is considered right on time... Here are some milestones I didn't want to pass up on posting... Kelsi is playing indoor soccer and this was her first goal! We are soo proud of her! (If you ask her dad he would add that it was in the other teams net, but her mom says that since they don't even keep score that dosen't matter!) But she is loving it and is quite the runner!

Any moment like this is worth documenting since they are soooooooo rare. I got Boston ready for church and was trying to hold him off from his nap till later, but he wasn't waiting any longer..
Jayden's now lost 4 teeth total...check it out Uncle Spencer! Kelsi offically pulled the fourth front top tooth when she and Jayden were having a tug of war in the car with her blanket, and Jayden had the blanket in her mouth and Kelsi pulled really hard on the blanket from the back seat. Jayden didn't even notice it till Kelsi said, "Jayden your bleeding'' and I turned around and there was blood dripping on her shirt, and covering her teeth!

Wow, she looks big huh? She is my 7 year old now! I can hardly believe it...Happy Birthday Jayden! We love you! She was excited to get a diary that has a lock on it and to get a necklace with a J on it and a matching bracelet....She is definaltely growing up! We didn't even have a cartoon cake for her birthday cake, no she wanted a Nothing Bunt Cake... If you ask her what her favorite things are she would tell you peace signs, and monkeys...(no more princesses :( ...)
Sigh....Happy Birthday Jayden!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Ok, so after years of begging for a pet, Jayden is the proud owner of Picachu...The RAT. First of all, for those that are not into Japanese cartoons, Picachu is a Pokemon who is a yellow mouse. Jayden's latest craze is Pokemon anything, so when thinking of a name for her cute little pet, Picachu was chosen... (it was either that or Scabbers...) We thought long (a lot of years) and hard about this new responsibility and she is sooo excited! We will have many more adventurous posts about this new little "family" member. Already, Jayden says, "come to mommy!" And I heard Kelsi say, "Come to Aunt Kelsi". Then Jayden told me that I was Grandma, and Dad was Grandpa....I asked if I could be Aunt Kathi instead, that I wasn't ready to be a grandma....She obliged.

She is actually quite a cute rat, and she loves Jayden already, her favorite place is in a dark snuggly spot, She will climb on Jayden's shoulder and down to her hood and hang out in there!

Christmas Dance Recital 2009

I am taking a moment to brag about my little darlings....They are not only BEAUTIFUL, but they were the best dancers on the stage ! Kelsi remembered her entire dance, and even held her pose at the end until the backstage helper came and took her hand to go off stage! Jayden is on a mini competition team this year and she had to move and change stage positions while dancing. It was so great to see all their learning and growing they have been doing this year! Thanks to all who came and watched! We are so lucky to have so much support!